PORTED winx base platform exists

mysql: native on winx8.1
nginx/apache: vm running centos6.x el6

windows software
Mysql workbench and server

setup deadicate a disk to being webroot and vagrant
mount webroot as /var/www on VM via vagrant.yaml
update heira/nodes and heira/platform to suit the build type you want
update servers.yaml with platform detail

Kick off a git bash shell.
cd /DRIVELETTER/vagrant
cd projectname
cd puppet
cd win-vbox
vagrant up –provision

First install will take a very long time depending on the platform you are building a gateway device that doesnt have a DB can build quick. However a full LAMP stack server takes ages, for this project it is best to offload the DB to the master server and also mount the /var/www partition from master. the VM technically becomes a splash client of any version of PHP you want. Tested and working for php70/php56.

to stop
vagrant halt